Our Quest for Bamboo Sunglasses

It was just last year that we came across creating a design for Bamboo Sunglasses.  We were vacationing in Hawaii and went on the hike to the Bamboo Forest for our quest to the secret streams & waterfalls in Na'ili'ili Haele.  http://mauiguidebook.com/adventures/nailiilihaele-stream-waterfalls/ .  If you have never been to Hawaii I highly recommend it.  The scenery and hikes are amazing.  

During our hike my husband and I were talking about how strong bamboo was and we began to discuss how unique it would be to design a pair of bamboo sunglasses. Immediately after our trip was over we came back to Chicago and started working with designers that could help design sunglasses using bamboo. Hence, the Beluszka Bamboo Sunglasses were born.

Today we have over 50 bamboo & wood sunglasses to choose from that will make your outfit pop.  Get yours here https://beluszka.com/collections/bamboo-sunglasses

The video below takes you into the factory and shows you how the handmade masterpiece is made.