Holographic Laser Projection Keyboard

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This holographic laser keyboard will change the way you type.

 This surprising little thing projects a keyboard on any flat surface. You can type away accompanied by simulated keyboard sound feedback with its built in display screen showing your key presses in real time for faster typing. It really is the future at its best, today!

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You’ll be turning heads the moment you pull this from your pocket and use it to compose an e-mail on all Bluetooth enabled devices, cellphones or laptops. With a full size English QWERTY layout the laser virtual keyboard approaches typing speeds of a standard keyboard in a size no larger than a matchbook!

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  • Portable and lightweight for easy carrying
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth devices and can be directly connected to computer with a USB cable connection.
  • MORE ACCURATE - The keyboard layouts of current laser projection keyboards are square keys with no space in between, so it’s very easy to mistype unwanted keystrokes. That’s why we design the round buttons layout to fix this problem. With our calculated round key design, you won’t hit the wrong key again.
  • MORE CONVENIENT - In addition to its multiple functions, this Laser Projected Keyboard also serves as your cellphone stand. It can turn your mobile device into a computer within just a second. This feature comes pretty handy when you are live streaming or video recording.
  • MULTI PURPOSE - This can also be used a power bank to charge your phone with it's 2500 mAh battery capacity.

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Holographic Laser Projection Keyboard

Holographic Laser Projection Keyboard