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Featherweight – Reusable – Budge-Proof


  • Goes on in seconds
  • Much better than eyelash extensions: No messy glues or adhesives required
  • Ultra-lightweight: You may even forget you’re wearing false lashes
  • “Budge-proof”: Magnetic technology secures your magnetic eyelashes in place until you’re ready to remove them
  • Safe for everyday use: The magnetic fake eyelashes won’t irritate your eyes or damage your natural lashes
  • Reusable: Use the magnetic eyelashes as often as you want 

    Fabric: Black Synthetic Fiber

    Package includes: Two Pairs (2 Left Eye + 2 Right Eye) of Magnetic False Eyelash Extensions. Each pair consists of four pieces: one top and one bottom piece for each eye.


    These Magnetic False Eyelash Extensions are gorgeous defined and spiky lashes that will enhance the natural beauty of your eye and give them luxurious length and volume without the hassle of eyelash extensions. The magnetic lashes will sandwich your fringe between a top and bottom strip, which lock in place with micro magnets. Also, the design of these fake eyelashes will allow them to 'hug' the eye, making application easier and wear completely comfy.

    !No More Fussing with Glue Near your Eyeballs!

    How to use:

    1/ Hold the top lash over your eye.

    2/ Position the top part of the magnetic lash on top of your eyelash.

    3/ Make sure the top part of the magnetic lash is stable then get the bottom part.

    4/ Place the bottom lash so that it connects with the top lash leaving your natural eyelash in between.


    To remove: Take your index finger & thumb and gently slide the two magnets of the eyelash extensions away from each other.