5 Gallon Solar Camp Shower

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This solar camping shower has a large 5-Gallon/20 liters water capacity which is enough water for multiple showers.


High Quality
Made of the PVC material, light, durable and eco-friendly, non-toxic, so you can use it to wash food and dishes. It’s foldable and hard to deform further enhancing the leak proof feature with no water leakage.
Heats Water
The black PVC material will efficiently absorb the solar energy to heat up the water to 45°C in 3 hours with direct sunlight. With the temperature bar you can also check the water temperature directly without a thermometer.
Easy Control
Designed with an on/off adjustable switch that can control water flow from low to high and also supplied with a hose and a shower head which can be used to wash your car or water flowers.
Portable Size & Convenient 
Lightweight, foldabale, very easy to carry and very easy to store, it’s suit for Camping, Hiking, Fishing or Hunting. It also has a hook rope so you can hang the shower bag on a tree or shower tent.